Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Disclaimer and Comments to be Now Moderated

I should listen to my friend Artur Papyan (aka Ditord) more often — or at least follow his example. 

Not only because of a recent unprecedented lawsuit against a local Armenian newspaper for libellous comments left by readers (!) on the online version of its website, but also because of an increase in the number of offensive comments left on this blog, I regret but I have chosen to moderate all comments, and, following in the footsteps of said Artur Papyan, am including the following disclaimer:

This is a personal blog and as such the views expressed on this blog are mine alone. Feel free to challenge me or disagree with me in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (most notably if I consider it to be abusive, profane, rude, derogatory and/or not contributing to the conversation) — so keep it polite, please.

While I have taken care to be as accurate as possible (including links), please note that I am only human (and humans make mistakes). Also, it is possible that information which was accurate at the time of posting is since no longer true. You are welcome to correct any inaccuracies in the comments section of each blog entry. For the most part, posts are intended to give you a snapshot of my life at the time of writing, but my thoughts and opinions may change and what I wrote a year ago may not be true today.

I promise my best not to knowingly offend, defame, insult or humiliate anyone or any party directly or indirectly. If an individual or party feels I have published information that is insulting or harmful to them, please contact me directly via Twitter. 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks, Artur jan! And thanks for writing your own disclaimer which reminded me that I should probably write one too :)

  2. ARyan-KAVKAS HAYaser u verj !!!!!!November 24, 2011 at 3:18 AM

    there is NOTHING wise about it
    she is typical anti-FREEDOM of SPEECH/anti-Hayaser

    I never censor/block anyone's comments on my YT channel and/or videos, because I'm a stanch supporter of FREEDOM of SPEECH. whether hate or discriminating, whether nice & lovely, SPEECH IS and SHOULD ALWAYS BE FREE and VISIBLE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD TO HEAR/READ

    just in case Observer doesn't publish my most recent comment on his most recent blog about your CHAINED STUNT PROTEST ACTION, I will re-post it here for you to read it, cause that's what I'm all about....FREEDOM of SPEECH for aaaaaaalll to read/hear....ay ara u verj ha !!!


    apreeeeeeeeq Hayeeeeeer
    jaaaaaaan Hayer jan
    If I would be there and CHAIN the sh*t out of myself to that building and every other building that has history and remnants of old Yerevan

    omg, vay ara...is that who I think it is??
    ooommggg araaaa no way, it can’t be
    is that the same adrineh who decided to add “comment moderation” to her blog because of lil old innocent Hayaser??? LMFAOOOOOO !!!!

    as an “Armenian”???
    you know adrineh, for someone who claims to be real Armenian and living/working in my Hayastan as a “real” Armenian and blogging about it, why would you speak english to the camera and not in Hayeren, ha????? ooohh I thought you are big time and claim to speak-read-write my beautiful wonderful ay im anush ev qaxcur Hayqakan mayreni lezu, what happened?? you not big time real Armenian anymore?? ahh, I see how it really is. just pretending to be big time real Armenian, behind comp. screens

    I respect your act and courage to stand up to the oligarch-mafiya, too bad you dont do that more often, nor do your fellow kak-hotac anti-Hayastanci ***-***’s that you love and protect so much more than you would any local, but I will never respect your thoughts and kak-hotac himar blog about enjoying my Hayreniq while every day you walking past the poor, dying, hungry on the streets and then going home to "blog" about your enjoyment

    an “artist”???
    yet what are you an artist of, ha?? baking cookies with your “gay” lover and blogging about it on the internet? yaaaaaa ay ara yerrevi shat arvestakan mard es, ha !!!!

  3. To: ARyan-KAVKAS HAYaser u verj !!!!!!

    1. Note, this time I allowed your comment to be published as I didn't find any offensive words (though I'll let others be the judge of that and perhaps respond to your comment directly)


    2. Tsavd tanem, Andranik jan, I wish I could accept all those wonderful things you said about Adrineh in the video you're referring to, but alas, that's not me, but another Adrineh (who I happen to know, but that's a different story)...

    Ու խնթրում եմ չկասկածես, ես շատ լավ ել կարող եմ համ խոսալ համ գրել համ ել կարդալ հայերեն :Ճ

  4. I am that Adrineh who chained herself and I live in Armenia, just like my friend Adrineh. I've been here since 1996 on and off, and on for the last few years. There are more than one Adrineh's in Armenia, and in fact, around the world. When were you last here? I spoke in English because it was my choice. I've also done interviews in Armenian. Which do you chose? Which dialect? I happen to know a few. I am a painter and have exhibited in a few countries. I also make documentary films. One last piece of biography, I am a Fulbright Scholar who has spent the last four years researching women's reproductive health in Armenia. What do you do?

  5. And one more point, Adrineh is also a professional translator. Her command of the Armenian and English languages is at a highly proficient academic level.

  6. I get all of your sincerity towards Armenian people, but dealing with this Aryan guy is a lost cause. Adrineh(blogger), I want to praise you on the way you handled yourself after this guy came on your website and disrespected you the way he did. I'm all for freedom of speech, but this guy is a DOUCHE BAG!!!

  7. u verj jan, indz shat hetaqrqrec qo khosaqcutiun@, chem haskanum vor du tenc "hairenaser es" u tenc zgones amen bani masin te inchera tekhi unenum qooooooooooooooooo haistanum,inchumna ban@ vor tenc qaq-mq@ kharneles irar, u martkanc viravorum es iranc sepakan blogum, iranc haiacq@