Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moving soon?

Words I received today from my favorite psychic, my friend's mom (and also a friend) who lives and works on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:

"I glanced at this new photo of you and had to email you to tell you the feeling I got. You are wiped out, arent you? And I also feel a move for you and your love soon to a French-speaking community. You will be abundant, happy and peaceful."

Wow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, eh?


  1. Are you superstitious?

  2. Hi Anonymous, apologies for the late reply! I wouldn't say "superstitious" but I do believe what my friend's mom says, especially as things she's told me before have, in fact, come true ;)

  3. if you tell me when tomorrow comes, i will tell you what it will bring!

    arent you afraid of tomoorow!?

  4. i am afraid, sometimes!

  5. I am not afraid ;) And that is the nature of tomorrow: we don't know what it will bring. So why be afraid? Too much wasted energy better spent on something else! Not only is fear not a constructive emotion, it's destructive. Do away with fear and you've already won the battle :)

  6. do you choose not to be afraid! or it is just an emotion which is not controlled by your cortex!
    not only is fear a constructive emotion, it's destructive, yes, i agree, but the very fear makes you move both physically and emotionally!

    it seems you've already won the battle!
    and if it so you might be in your thirties!

  7. Anonymous, I love your comments! Right on the money, so to speak. Let's just say I have some life experience which has taught me some life lessons and leave it at that, shall we? :)))