Monday, November 2, 2009

Why don't I know this woman?

There are amazing people around the world doing amazing things, and today, this thought fills me with joy. I came across this Facebook post and felt the need to re-post the information on this blog.

Zaruhi Shushanyan is an LGBT activist in Armenia and, I'm sad to say, I don't know her. But I do know another Armenian LGBT activist, Lilit Poghosyan, who is the Programmes and Policy Officer at ILGA-Europe. Originally from Armenia, she's now based in Brussels. I was lucky and happy to have met her during her recent visit back home in Yerevan.

More about Zaruhi Shushanyan:

A little bit about Lilit Poghosyan (also re-posted here from Art Mika's blog):

Two amazing woman I'm very proud of, and today, they have inspired me. Thank you.

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