Monday, September 22, 2008

Reflections: one month later

I became unhappy with my life once I learned how to cook for one
For it was then that I realized
That love doesn't blossom in everyone's back yard
And when you have the chance to listen to your heart
You should take it

One jezveh
And a lonely coffee cup
Sit in the dish drying rack in my kitchen
There, I never drank coffee alone,
There were always at least 5 cups
Sitting in the dish drying rack
And you made coffee for me,
Each time, with sehr

Sehr means love in Armenian
But it is also the word used to describe
The additional foamy bit in your coffee
You can request your coffee with or without sehr
I always asked for sehr when I knew 
You were making the coffee

"Untitled" (anvernagir) is the title of works of art
Many are given this title there
And I am not surprised.
In a place where street names change regularly
And you can never be sure of the name of the street on which you live
In a place where you cannot define yourself
As others are much more quick to define you
In a place where words don't even exist
In the language in which you speak
Where rules are flexible, time is fluid, friends are constant
And each day holds no more new promises than the day before
"Untitled" is a word that describes more than just works of art.