Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New address, old memories

Well, I've moved to a new address: Sam's place overlooks the Westerpark which has a lovely interactive art exhibit on display from Riga. (I will post photos later.) One of the pieces is a 3-metre high podium with a blue man on top with his hand raised. I understand this man to be your everyman dictator: but the beauty of this art is that the spectator has the option of deflating this man (he is like a balloon, filled with air) or of inflating him. Press a green button and he stands erect with his arm raised to the sky. Press a red button and his arm falls down and he becomes a small no-man. The choice is yours. This is the democratic process (?).

But well, anyway, I did not come here to comment on art by Latvian artists (but I do love being taken by surprise by art!). I am seeing old friends and settling into Sam's one-room apartment. She has a rooftop garden with a variety of plants she has seeded herself and nurtures daily. She has her interests and her priorities and sometimes we meet half-way. Mostly we fall into old patterns and habits, but we are friends and we are older and wiser and we are learning to be in each other's company in a way that is healthy and supportive. And what more can I ask for?

Yesterday, we had a lovely sunny day and Sam took me out on her lovely red boat! I had never been on the canals in Amsterdam and it was one of the best way to experience this city. We went away from Centrum (city centre) and ended up on a lake with a forest nearby. We docked, had a picnic, and just lay in the sun. It was so warm! Also, being on the water, the reflection of the sun from the water... well, we got a little sunburnt :( I would never have thought I could get sunburned in Amsterdam! Regardless, I have asked her if we can go out on her boat again (at least a few times!) before I leave the 'Dam. Now let's just hope for more sun and warmth and rain-free days :)

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